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Frank Dubusque in Quebec: The comedian abandons his children in the snow

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As part of the filming of his next movie, Frank Dubusque lives in Canada. Moreover, his young family discovers Quebec with him. On Saturday, February 26, 2022, this gave way to an amazing series with his two sons on Instagram!

Frank Dubusque has everything to be happy. In fact, his career is in good shape and projects are grappling. Furthermore it, It made her try out a new look somewhat surprisingly. But on the side of his private life, everything is also for the best because there is still a lot of crazy love going on with his wife. on top of all, The comedian has two sons, Raphael and Milhan, whom he adore.

This says, Being the son of Frank Dubusque isn’t always a picnic As revealed on the setWe’re bringing back the TV. “It weighs fame, but I wanted it. It weighs on my kids above all else, and I realize that. They are shy. They are embarrassed because their friends tell them:Ah, but he’s your father!or when students ask me for a signature when I pick them up from school. It’s too embarrassing for them Because they have to exist on their own. They aren’t Frank Dubusque’s children, they are. And again, they’re young, about 8 and 11, but when they go back to college, they’ll start meeting those who don’t like me. There are children at the moment, that’s fine, but those who will say:Your father is c*n“It’ll be hard to deal with, because they won’t tell me.”.

Frank Dubusque abandons his children in the snow

While waiting for this fateful period, Frank Dubusque gets a taste and surrounds himself with his sons no matter where. Currently in Quebec, He was lucky to have them by his side. Furthermore, the comedian posted a video on Saturday February 26, 2022 where he addresses his children while looking towards the horizon in the snow on Instagram. We hear him say to them: “You see the kids, you’ll run to the end there after you come back and I’m waiting for you, let’s go”. When they start at the start signal, the father walks away and announces “I’m a bar.”

Of course, Frank Dubusque didn’t think so, but this sequence had the advantage of entertaining his followers who loved this post with the family!

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