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Frederick George Heriot Hospital staff say they are overwhelmed

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The situation is still critical in this CHSLDAccording to members of the Union of Healthcare Professionals at the Mauricie-du-Québec.

In particular, these workers denounce waves of resignations, forced overtime and incomplete care. They are calling for a quick change of direction from the CIUSSS MCQ management.

It’s horrible

Nursing assistant Rebecca Fontaine, who was present at the demonstration, was no longer waiting for changes. I decided to quit.

Yesterday I decided to quit CIUSSS MCQBecause my work conditions are no longer good. I do five days a week, and I try to make the most of myself, but I make it to OST at least twice a week [temps supplémentaire obligatoire]So over fifty weeks have passedShe regrets.

For Dr Sylvie Provence, vice president of the Union of Nurses in Drummondville, the breaking point has long since been reached and the status quo is unacceptable.

What we want to send as a message is TS [temps supplémentaire] And you TSOWe don’t want it anymore, we can’t stand it anymore, it’s horrible what people are experiencing here, 46 to 48% of the staff left.

Quote from:Sylvie Provencer, Vice President, Drummondville Healthcare Professionals Association

According to the union, one in every three jobs is currently vacant in this field CHSLD. The CIUSSS MCQ He did not comment.

Based on information from Jean-Francois Dumas

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