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Gala Artis 2021: More than just a game

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Entertainment television hasn’t always had a good reputation. But since March 2020, we have noticed its great importance. Pandemic, confinement, curfews … many of us have opened our televisions to fool boredom, relieve stress, forget the news and / or break the isolation. The five Artis Prize finalists for Game Show host Pierre Yves Lord, Sebastian Benoit, Stefan Bellavans, Patrice Liquier and J. Goodwin noted the phenomenon. Not just by consulting their reviews, but by receiving echoes – often touching – from a grateful audience.

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The interview took place at magazineStefan Belavance is not lacking in examples of testimonials. As we talk more and more about the dark side of social media, it is reassuring to hear that there is something positive out there as well.

“A nurse in a hot area told me thisnext one !It was his weekly fuse on a Friday evening, says the host, who was contacted by phone. It obsessed me because we often forget the impact we can have as a bunch of entertainment shows. “

To Stephan Belavance, who also drives King Street In the value-added tax, I am eating And the Great ! In Télé-Québec, and (in recent weeks) what’s your name ? On Radio Canada, last year emphasized the importance of the small screen in times of crisis.

“When I think about health services, I feel I have a benefit. Take televisions out of hospital rooms, and it will be more satisfying. And when I imagine people who have to stay at home, I tell myself that we might help make the experience more enjoyable.”

A manifestation of normality

Winner of 20 Artis Awards in his career and has hosted several shows that have featured the Quebec TV scene such as Lie detectorsPatrice Liquiere realized the benefits of gaming offerings in the early 2000s, when he was visiting elderly people in a Montreal hospital.

“I was in the long-term care ward, and someone said to me, ‘It feels so good when your show comes in at 5:30 pm.’ That’s when I realized we were kind of an existence for them. ”

For Patrice L’Écuyer, Silence we play!A meeting hosted since September 2015 on Radio Canada, the quizzes have enabled many Quebecers to rediscover “a semblance of normality” at the heart of a turbulent period.

” This rest time Daily. It is a time when no one hears about COVID. We are just having fun. We watch people laugh, but respect instructions, keep a distance of two meters, etc. We show that we can have fun even in an epidemic situation. “

Same story with Sebastian Benoit, who drives his car every Sunday A goose that lays eggs with gold With Julie Holly at TVA.

“I know we do good for people,” says the host. HenThis is a game where everyone is guaranteed to win at least $ 5,000. In all this rather difficult period, where so many sectors have struggled, where so many people are struggling to make ends meet, seeing people make money is so much fun to try, it wouldn’t be – what a proxy. “

Role to play

Guy Jodoin has also received many beautiful messages over the past 14 months. Among those he remembers, he cites a woman who watches from Shibugamao Cheater hard. Although her daughter may stay in Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean, her son may live in New Brunswick, she feels close to them despite the distance it takes 30 minutes each day.

“It’s almost as though I understood why I’m doing this job,” says Jay Goodwin. We are not “essential” because we do not treat people, but in terms of mental health, I feel we have a more important role than I ever imagined. At night, people want to have fun, think about something else and put their problems aside. I am happy to participate. “

Inspirational Models

Sometimes games go further.

While there is much talk of a lack of academic motivation for young people, who continue to study remotely without socializing, Pierre Yves Lord is proud to be responsible for 100 genius, Which is a program in which students between the ages of 14 and 17 test their general knowledge.

The diversity of competitors also exacerbates this sentiment.

The best reward I get is when someone says to me, “I don’t watch much TV with my little boy, but when it’s 100 geniusWe sit like a family, debate, play, we have a blast. ”It’s very rewarding. And of course there is a ripple effect. Young people ages 7 or 8 who watch the show … are given positive role models, perform well, are playful, and are not afraid to show Their level of knowledge. Seeing them succeed is not a complicated thing. Quite the opposite. Makes you want to learn. ”

A public without an audience

By keeping audiences away from studios, he transformed the COVID-19 TV scene. Test hosts used to score their performances in front of groups of 50, 100, or 150 people, and they went through a period of adjustment when they returned to service last fall. Almost a year later, are their onlookers still bored? Surprisingly, yes and no.

Patrice L’Écuyer laments the “spark” the audience has created on certain programs, but in Silence we play!Here’s another story.

“At first, it was very disconcerting, admits the seasoned host. I was sure it was going to be a big negativity, but we got used to it, and today viewers tell us they prefer no audience! Because they are able to hear everything that is being said. Since there is no longer applause, We have more gaming time, and therefore more content than before. The ban on hosting spectators in the studio has also upset Jay Goodwin. To get around this shortage, Cheater It got a 360-degree screen … and against all expectations, 10 Artis Awards winner noticed positive effects.

“I miss the energy of the people, but we still had the same fun. We even realized that without an audience, the artists feel less represented. It looks like they are in their living room. They are more natural, they are more themselves. It pays off for the show.”

The egg or the money

Sebastian Benoit appears to be the one to miss the onlookers the most. It must be said that among the shows of the games represented at the Artis concert, A goose that lays eggs with gold He is without a doubt the one who has undergone the most dramatic shift in the Coronavirus. It’s still recorded from TVA Studios in Montreal, but without competitors. They stay home and participate in the meeting using a tablet that has been provided for them.

“I can’t wait to hear people shout, double! Double!” I can’t wait to see people wave the dollar sign or the egg again, ”says Sebastian Benoit.

Cake without icing

If it had been up to Lord Pierre Yves, he would have brought the spectators back into every stage … once the pandemic was over, of course.

“The show without an audience is like a cake without decorations,” says a host 100 geniuss, The end of the weak, And the Two golden men (With Patrick Lagacy). It brings interest that is not without sobriety, we learn to do things with less extravagance, and sometimes, it’s not that annoying … but having a choice, I prefer it with an audience. I love the world, I love crowds, I love human contact. “

Stefan Bellavans shares this view. “In my case, it’s like I’m missing a musician on my group. We managed to play our tunes, and they work the same way, but something is missing. It’s not exactly the same dynamic.”

Cautious optimism

Pierre-Yves Lord, Sebastian Benoit, Stephen Bellavans, Patrice Licoy and Jay Goodwin see the upcoming TV season in a manner that can be described as cautious optimism. They expect to return to so-called normal working conditions in January 2022.

They also raise their hats to the craftsmen on the small screen, who never give up despite the sometimes tough conditions.

“The teams doubled their enthusiasm, work and creativity in order to be able to continue to entertain people,” notes Sebastian Benoit. It’s amazing what they were able to do. “

“We are fortunate to have a job,” adds Stefan Bellavans. The crisis didn’t really affect my agenda. I am very happy and full of gratitude. ”

Their strikes from heart

We asked Artis Game Host Award finalists to share their TV favorites from the 2020-2021 calendar.

« Live from the universe. It’s not a new show, but one that I have rediscovered. It’s a show that moves me, reassures me, and feels good … I’ll even go so far as to say it’s almost an essential service. »

– Patrice Liquier

« This is how I love you. I didn’t quite get over it. The twisted story, the music, the directing, the actors … I loved it all. However my expectations were very high. It is a global chain. »

Pierre Yves Lord

« Yves Marie Laure in Hello hello weekend. She is always good, smiling, caring, passionate, and sympathetic. She always has the right tone. »

– Sebastian Benoit

« Television in general, adapting, reinventing itself, and fighting COVID-19. I am really impressed. »

– Stephan Belavance

« Second chance With Marina Orsini and Monique Nero. I’ve never cried once, twice, three times … it’s 15 times in every show! It’s a show that made me feel good, like 1Precision Once With Veronique Clotter, Live from the universe With France and Baudouin There are people in the block With Christian Begin. »

Jay Goodwin

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