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Gary Sheffield does not like modern baseball

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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At the very least, Gary Sheffield, the former major baseball superstar, no longer loves his sport.

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On CBS Sports Radio last Friday, the man who had received nine calls to the Major League All-Star match revealed that he was no longer interested in Major League Baseball.

He said, “I don’t watch baseball at all.”

This is surprising, considering Sheffield worked as a qualifying analyst for TBS until last season.

“I was kind of forced to watch baseball because I used to work at TBS. […] I’ll tell you a secret: I never watched matches during the season. I got info when I came to the studio, ‘The world champion winner admitted with the Florida Marlins in 1997.

Sheffield, known by the nickname of hard punching, explained his aversion to modern baseball.

He said, “They set all these rules and changed the game a lot to make it more friendly, even the unsuccessful ones.” He could hit those guys, 180 or 190, and that’s fine. Suddenly, they hit the house. Now the circuit is less attractive. Hitting long balls was harder and more attractive [quand je jouais]Because it didn’t happen as often as it does today. “

Sheffield, however, refused to laugh at the sport that made him a millionaire.

“I am not one of his old players who laugh at the sport and talk negatively about it. I am only talking about the facts. […] “This is the way this sport is practiced today, and it doesn’t mean I should watch it,” said the man, who finished his career with an average of 292, 2,689 strokes and 509 long balls.

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