General Motors and Toyota are the big winners in Canada’s Vincentric Fleet Best of the Year

Toyota and General Motors are the biggest winners of Vincentric’s 10th annual list of Canada’s Best Fleet Values. Each of these manufacturers has won five of the 35 titles awarded, we learned in a press release published on July 15 by this US company of analysts.

Toyota won in three of the six categories, namely popular cars, popular public service cars and minivans. For its part, GM stood out above all else in the pickup truck category with three out of five titles.

Toyota models Vincentric got on the 2021 list.

In addition, Ford, Stellantis, Volvo and Hyundai-Kia all follow previous Aequo winners with four titles each.

Other award-winning manufacturers in this year’s list are: Audi (1), BMW (1), Mercedes-Benz (3), Nissan (2) and Subaru (2).

Repeat winners and big absentees

The 10th edition of this annual Vincentric Awards list highlights award-winning models on a recurring basis. This is the case for the base BMW i3, which took its sixth title in a row. For their part, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Passenger and 3500 Cargo took its seventh and fifth titles, respectively, while the Nissan NV200 S pickup truck took its sixth title. Finally, the Subaru Outback and Kia Niro each took their fifth titles in a row.

There are also two major absentees from this year’s list. 1st place Cadillac won four titles last year. This year, the GM premium brand received nothing. Second, the Ford F-Series trucks stand out by their absence from the 2021 list. Last year, this popular car won three out of four titles in the Pickup Truck category.

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The Chevrolet and GMC models Vincentric has on his 2021 list.

A tool for fleet managers

Vincentric specializes in evaluating and analyzing the costs of ownership, use and turnover of vehicles. With this Canadian registry, Bingham Farms of Michigan wants to help fleet managers by identifying vehicles that offer the best value in thirty classes.

This year’s ranking results are based on an analysis of more than 1,800 vehicle types offered by Canadian manufacturers’ fleet services.

Vehicles granted by Vincentric

Here is the full list of vehicles awarded by Vincentric this year:

  1. Small cars: Kia Rio LX Plus
  2. Compact sedans: Hyundai Elantra Essential
  3. Compact hatchback: Toyota Corolla S
  4. Hybrid compact cars: Toyota Corolla Hybrid base
  5. Midsize sedans: Chevrolet Malibu LS
  6. Large sedans: Toyota Avalon XSE 2RM
  7. Electric/Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Kia Soul EV Premium
  1. Electric/Hybrid Electric Vehicles: BMW i3 base
  2. Compact luxury cars: Mercedes-Benz A Class A220 4MATIC
  3. Midsize luxury sedans: Volvo S60 Momentum T5 2RM
  4. Large luxury sedans: Volvo S90 T6 4WD Inscription
  5. luxury family: Volvo V60 Momentum T5 2RM
  • Popular SUVs / Crossovers
  1. Hybrid SUV/Crossover: Kia Niro L
  2. Electric SUVs / Crossovers / Plug-in Hybrids: Toyota RAV4 Prime SE 4RM
  3. Small SUVs / Crossovers: Nissan Kicks S
  4. Compact SUV/Crossover: Subaru Crossstroke comfort sight
  5. Midsize SUV/Crossover: Subaru Outback Comfort
  6. Large SUV/Crossover: Dodge Durango SXT 4RM
  • Luxury SUV/Crossover
  1. Luxury SUV/Hybrid Electric/Crossover: Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring 4RM Hybrid Detachable
  2. Compact luxury SUV / crossover: Volvo XC40 Momentum T4 4RM
  3. Midsize Luxury SUV/Crossover: Lincoln Nautilus Preserve
  4. Large luxury SUV / crossover: Audi Q7 Comfort 45
  1. Small/Medium Trucks: GMC Canyon Elevation Caisse Standard cab. 2RM double
  2. Large trucks (1/2 ton): GMC Sierra 1500 de base 2.7T cabin. multiplace emp. Court 2RM محكمة
  3. Large trucks (3/4 tons): Cab Ram 2500 Big Horn. multiplace emp. Court 2RM محكمة
  4. Big trucks (1 ton): Chevrolet Silverado 3500 WT, cabin. multiplace, roues simples, emp. long, 2RM
  1. Minifourgonnettes: Toyota Sienna LE 2RM
  2. Passenger vans: Ford Transit Connect XL emp. Long
  3. Large passenger trucks (1/2 ton): Ford Transit 150 XL Roof Regular AMP. 130 inches.
  4. Large Passenger Trucks (3/4 Ton): Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 High Top 4 Cylinder. empire. 144 inches.
  5. Large passenger trucks (1 ton): GMC Savana 3500 LS V8 6,6 L emp. 155 p.
  6. Small Cargo Trucks: Nissan NV200 S
  7. Large cargo trucks (1/2 ton): The Ram ProMaster 1500 Regular Roof is 118 in.
  8. Large Cargo Trucks (3/4 Ton): Ram ProMaster 2500 Regular Roof 136-inch.
  9. Large cargo trucks (1 ton): Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 XD 4 cylinder high roof. empire. 144 inches.
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