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Gold Medalist in Karate on a Stretcher

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Jangzadeh was on a stretcher when officials announced. Alone on the battlefield with the referee, Hamidi broke down in tears when the color of his medal suddenly changed.

The Iranian regained his senses after moments to climb to the podium and receive his gold medal.

This is the second karate to leave Nippon Budokan on a stretcher. And German Jonathan Horn suffered the same sad fate in the first group in this category.

Gaysinsky stopped in the preliminary round

The only Canadian Karate representative in Tokyo, Daniel Jaisinski, saw his journey stop in the preliminary round. The 26-year-old finished his Olympic debut with a 4th place in Group B in the +75kg kumite weight class. He gave a 1-2-1 performance on Saturday.

Karate Olympiad by Daniel Jaycinki

Photo: Getty Images / Harry How

Only the first two groups reached the semi-finals. Gaysinsky took seventh place in the final standings.

Karateka Ontario begins its journey against the American Brian Air. In this duel where there were very few attacks, no winner was chosen.

Gaisinski won his first duel against Croatian and 2018 world champion in the +84 kg weight Ivan Kević. The last day started badly. He was seriously hit in the head in his first match and then injured in the shoulder in the next fight.

The Canadian did not miss his chance and defeated him 4-1.

Karateka tries to hit another person who evades the blow.

Canadian Daniel Jesinski (right) and Sahodian Targ Hamidi (left).

Photo: afp via getty Images / ALEXANDER NEMENOV

Things got even tougher at the 2019 Pan American Games +84kg event against silver medalist Targ Hamidi. Gaysinsky led 2-0, then Hamidi got the ball. Quickly, he tied the score with three all around and widened the gap to 5-3, then to 6-3.

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Hamidi managed to score Yoko in almost every attack in the last minute of the organization’s time. Ebon, good with three points, added a kick, then Yoko final to win 10-3.

The Canadian lost to Iranian Sajid Janzadeh 2-1 in his last match.

Jangzadeh, the +84kg world champion in 2016 and runner-up in 2014 and 2018, was modest in his attacks and was not aiming to win at any cost, as he unofficially qualified for the next stage.

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