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Google Gboard will make it easy for you to send a screenshot

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The latest beta version of Google Gboard automatically saves a screenshot to the app clipboard, then share it with one click. This feature should make sense for the general public in the near future.

Trial versions of our mobile apps are useful for getting a preview of one or more upcoming features. This is for example the case of Google Gboard, whose latest beta highlights a new functionality that should be very practical for users.

You may have already noticed the keyboard Google Gboard Natively integrates clipboard manager. Today, for example, it is possible to copy and paste text, URL or phone number with a single click into a live chat across the clipboard.

Send a screenshot with one click

This little trick saves additional time and improves the user experience, since you no longer need to keep pressing your screen to display a popup asking you to paste your text. Well at idea, Google Gboard also wants to apply this little sleight of hand to your screenshots.

Source: Android Police via Armando

Source: Android Police via Armando

As noted 9To5GoogleThe trial version lets you send a file A screen shot There is also a one-click, as it is previously saved to your Google Gboard clipboard. Also, this manager will save all recent screenshots.

Make it easy to share multiple screenshots

This would make it practical for many to take part Screenshots At the same time, they are stored in the same place which can be accessed directly from a conversation for example. to me Android Police, This feature can be activated or deactivated manually, as is already the case in the beta version.

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At the time of writing, Google is likely to test the novelty on a small panel of users. Our beta version of Gboard, for example, does not have access to it. Without a doubt, Mountain View should roll out this feature more widely in the near future.

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