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Green tea and coffee will reduce the risk of death

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In general, the two drinks will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, but above all, they allow their victims to increase the chances of a fatal injury recurring.

You are lovers Green tea And a coffee? You might inadvertently perform a daily healthy routine that is very beneficial for the cardiovascular system! A Japanese scientific study highlights the benefits of the two substances for people who have had a stroke or heart attack.

Significant reduction in mortality

Researchers from the collaborative Japanese study work to evaluate cancer Hazards (or “JACC Study”), headquartered in Osaka in JapanShe was repatriated by the scientific journal brain attack.

They looked at the coffee and green tea consumption habits of 46,000 people from various Japanese societies, ages 40 to 79, of whom 60% were women. Study participants were asked to complete regular, comprehensive lifestyle questionnaires before being categorized based on their history of stroke or heart attack. The study lasted more than 18 years.

Then the researchers looked at the relationship between the risk of death associated with the consumption of green tea or coffee. They found that stroke survivors who consumed at least 7 cups of green tea per day reduced the risk of death by 62%. And people who had had a heart attack and drank one cup of coffee a day reduced their overall risk of death by 22%.

Watch out for added sugar!

The researchers also found that people who had never had a stroke or heart attack and who drank one or more cups of coffee per week reduced their risk of dying from these conditions by 14%.

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Before rushing to use your espresso machine or teapot, be careful! In Japanese culture, the researchers note, sugar is not added to green tea and rarely added to coffee. A very important little detail! If you can’t do without this sweet taste, a good spoonful of honey is still a good way. be careful However, choose the latter carefully!

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