GTA VI, Rockstar Games want to hit hard, at least 500 hours of gameplay

After years of rumors, Rockstar Games confirmed the existence of GTA VI last month. The title has been in development for a long time.

According to Michael Pachter, development of GTA VI began in earnest between 2014 and 2015. It is clear that the development teams have been working for at least six years. The reason for this long development time is due to the scale of the project. Rockstar Games would like to hit hard with GTA VI. The game is said to include locations from all previous games. Its content will be so important that it can provide at least 500 hours of gameplay.

And then it is selected

“These people work hard to create great content […] If I understand correctly, it is a mixture of Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City (hence GTA III), Europe and London. You will be able to go anywhere in those continents and you will have missions that will take you to all of those places.”

GTA VI Nothing before 2024 see 2025

GTA VI stands out as a very ambitious project. Some analysts have pointed out that Take-Two’s latest financial forecast indicates a possible launch of GTA VI in fiscal year 2024.

Grand Theft Auto 6 aka GTA 6, nothing before 2025!?

In the meantime, we’ll have to wait before we enjoy our first trailer. Note that this is not the first time that GTA VI has been announced as a “huge” game. The first report on this April 2020 date. At the time, it was said that Rockstar was working “hard” on the next installment of the GTA series also known as GTA 6. Their development teams will be working since 2014 with large available resources.

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