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GTA Vice City arrives on Switch…unofficially

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GTA Vice City It occupies a somewhat special place in the franchise, and therefore this episode is considered by many to be one of the best that Rockstar has given us. However, a team of enthusiasts had a rather crazy idea of ​​taking the title… on converts.

This is of course common sense, but to take advantage of it, you’ll need a cracked version of the Switch to start with.

Rockstar Credits

Once done, you will of course have to manage its installation, as the source code for the title has been shared github wall.

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GTA Vice City on Switch, it’s possible

As the team explains, on GBA TempThis Vice City port is made possible through reverse engineering. So the developers relied on the official version of GTA VC to be able to make this adaptation to the Switch.

A strategy similar to the one that was developed for the port of GTA 3 in its time.

The team cautions, of course, that this port is not necessarily stable.

In fact, to make use of it, you’ll need a quick SD card to get started. After that, it will be necessary to adjust the minimum. The developers also point out that it is necessary to restore the original proprietary files by legal means. So they encourage the curious to buy GTA Vice City before getting started. Good point, however, that all the fixes and improvements that followed the launch of Vice City have been incorporated into the port.

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A very uncomplicated procedure, when you know what you’re doing

The procedure is not very complicated anyway. You should start by downloading reVC (port name) and creating a folder in the root of the micro SD by naming it reVC. After creating the “userfiles” folder inside, you will need to restore all files from the PC version of Vice City and put them in the /switch/reVC folder. Note that these are not provided by the team. logical choice. It also allows them to reduce the risk of prosecution.

Once these steps are complete, all you have to do is copy the contents of the reVC-oal-switch folder to the /switch/reVC folder.

As described above, you will also have inevitably Need a cracked switch for this to work. By extension, this also means that it’s best to know what you’re doing before you start.

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