Haiti: Prime Minister Joseph Guth has resigned

He announced this overnight on his Twitter account, saying: I had the honor to serve my country as Prime Minister.

Joseph Guth did not give further details about his departure.

On the same stage, President Juvenil Moise said that he accepted this resignation.

He made it clear that it would enable us to address the glaring problem of insecurity and continue discussions with the aim of reaching the consensus necessary for the political and institutional stability of our country.

President Moise appointed Claude Joseph as prime minister.

absence of security

The resignation was announced at a time when this Caribbean country is grappling with insecurity.

Seven Catholic clergymen were kidnapped on Monday near the capital Port-au-Prince.

Armed bands are distinguished. Kidnappings for ransom have increased in recent months in Port-au-Prince and the provinces.

Political crisis?

In February, authorities reported a coup plot against disputed President Juvenil Moise. The latter spoke openly about an assassination attempt against his person.

The Justice Ministry said the failed coup attempt included a judge from the Court of Cassation and an inspector general of the Haitian National Police.

There are 23 people arrested in total, and the outgoing Prime Minister Joseph Goeth was identified.

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