Here are the fruits and vegetables that contain the most dangerous pesticides in France

Eat five fruits and vegetables a day…but not just any of them.

UFC- What to choose Alert on Thursday, March 24th of food, from conventional farming, contaminated with at least one hazardous insecticide.

The Consumers Association analyzed 14,000 official medical examinations and found “Among the pesticides detected, at least 150 are suspected to be carcinogenic, mutagenic, reproductively toxic or endocrine disruptors.”.

balance sheet “especially troublesome”, The UFC-Que chorus insists. “For fruits and vegetables from intensive cultivation, one of these hazardous pesticides was detected in more than half (51%) of the controls and at least two of these pesticides were detected in 30%.” who are they.

“Far from being content with including infinitesimal, non-quantifiable effects, in approximately one in two cases (43%), the authorities were able to quantify the doses of these substances.”

Cherry, celery, grapefruit

The most dangerous product is cherry (92% of contaminated samples), followed by celery (91%) and grapefruit (90%).

Almost all cherries examined in France were particularly contaminated with phosmite, “An insecticide suspected by the European Food Safety Authority to be toxic to reproductive function”.

discover “Often” In apples (80% contaminated samples) “Fludioxonil, a fungicide suspected of disrupting the endocrine system”.

We found in more than a quarter of the grapefruit that was analyzed Pyriproxyphene, is highly suspected of an endocrine disruptor and that it has contributed to the head and brain abnormalities observed in Brazil.

Conversely, the least contaminated products are asparagus (2%), kiwi (3%) and cassava (3%).

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