What will the FIFA World Cup 2026 bring to Canada?

The FIFA World cup 2026 will be held in the USA, Mexico, and Canada. This will be the first world cup featuring 48 teams and the first time that three nations will host the global soccer event.

Canada, home to over 38million people, can place itself as a global soccer giant through this 23rd FIFA world cup. Canada is already known for her diverse and inclusive society initiatives, and hosting the biggest soccer show promises more advantages.

Some bookmakers are already releasing odds on mobile and other platforms about possible teams that may qualify for the 2026 FIFA world cup even though it is four years away.

This will be Canada’s first time hosting a FIFA men’s world cup tournament. How are things shaping up for the global soccer event?

How is Canada preparing for this global showpiece?

The 2022 FIFA world cup will be held in Qatar by November, and its conclusion will officially raise the curtain for the commencement of the 2026 edition. Canada’s 4-0 win over Jamaica confirmed their qualification for Qatar, but nothing beats playing in the world cup on home soil.

The FIFA world cup is known to attract several economic benefits significantly. Other than bringing global soccer stars to any country, it also has the potential to boost touristic activities and deliver essential benefits to the local host’s community.

Canada initially prepared to bid to host the world cup separately, but getting support from Mexico and the United States appears to ease the financial burden. Canada, Mexico, and the United States presented a United 2026 bid that won hosting rights to the tournament over Morocco on June 13, 2018.

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Canada will host ten games throughout the tournament across Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

In 2020, Kirsty Duncan, Canada’s Minister of Science and Sports then, announced the government’s commitment of $4.3 million to prepare for the FIFA world cup.

FIFA has been carrying out routine inspections of the Canadian facilities in the proposed host cities and has suggested several ways to improve the infrastructure.

How will hosting the FIFA world cup benefit Canada?

Canada recognizes the potential of hosting a global soccer tournament, having experienced success with hosting junior FIFA tournaments. In many Canadian communities, soccer has been a transformational tool for building relationships and fostering growth.

The FIFA world cup is the biggest soccer tournament ever. The opportunity to host world soccer stars from 48 countries holds a lot of juicy benefits.

Here are some of the ways the tournament stands to benefit Canada:

  • Introduce Canada’s massive potential to a global audience.
  • A boost in Canada’s sporting infrastructure, preparedness, and capabilities to host other major sporting events.
  • Increased revenue for Canada’s local businesses and government.
  • Boost soccer’s popularity and promote the development of soccer programs for young Canadians.
  • Opening up Canada to more business collaborations.
  • Promote Canada as a global sporting destination.
  • Grow Canada’s economy and increase Canada’s presence on the world stage.
  • Generate more business opportunities for Canadians.
  • Create thousands of jobs, especially in the hospitality sector, to cater to the influx of visitors during the tournament.
  • Promote unity among Canadians.
  • The event will boost Infrastructure to handle the influx of visitors during the tournament.
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The Canada men’s soccer team has qualified for Qatar 2022. Soccer looks set to be the next unifying sport for Canadians. Hosting on home soil in 2026 already confirms that Canada will play in consecutive world cups. These successes will only boost the efforts of the government and local organizations working together to deliver an epoch experience for spectators at the FIFA world cup in 2026.

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