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Here's what you should eat and drink in the morning to have a healthy heart

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3 foods you should remove from your diet to become healthier

The cardiologist insists that what we eat morning It has a real impact on us Cardiovascular health. Therefore, it is very important to eat correct At breakfast. That's why it's recommended Five foods In particular.

5 foods that should be included in breakfast

According to your cardiologist, you should eat these five foods in the morning: eggthe Toastthe smoked salmon,l'lawyer Beside Nuts and seeds.

This way you can regulate your food consumption sweet And your breakfast will be more beneficial for you heart. However, the specialist is qualified: “Although you should never radically eliminate certain foods from your diet, it is still best to limit sugary drinks like soda, sweetened tea, or coffee with added sugar.”

And to drink?

If necessary avoid Sugary drinksWhat should we drink in the morning? according to David Sapgeir, we can use the same foods to prepare Homemade drink. Obviously we're not asking you to put smoked salmon in juice

Thus, the cardiologist proposes the idea of ​​preparing A smoothie With avocado, you can also add seeds. “Nuts and seeds contain good fats and fibre.”“, explains L Well and good. “Plus, these ingredients can easily be added to a smoothie. I recommend adding fresh avocados to smoothies to add creaminess and great nutritional value.”

This will be the healthiest breakfast in the world

The specialist insists that it is also necessarymoist the morning. “Water is a great choice to start the morning.” This is because it helps you stay hydrated, which may help reduce your risk of heart diseaseHeart failureThe long-term.

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In the morning, choose A A large cup of wateravocado juice and a store of fiber Balanced foods !

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