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‘His life was turned upside down’ by ‘violent’ and ‘unjustified’ arrest

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On the night of October 16-17, 2021, officers from the Quebec City Police Department (SPVQ) arrested Mathieu Jamache inside the Saint Joseph district because he was not wearing a face covering.

The interference quickly deteriorated, part of which was captured by surveillance cameras. As he was preparing, he said, to retrieve his mask, one of the agents violently threw him, head first, against a concrete wall in a corridor leading to the latrines, causing him to lose consciousness.

In an official notification obtained by Radio Canada, his presence was first reported on Tuesday Quebec MagazineMatteo Gamacci claims that he has not been the same man since the arrest.

Matteo Gamacci suffered head injuries and bruises on his body following the intervention of the police (archive).

photo courtesy

The 30-year-old father suffered a concussion which he claimed had retained his traces. He has various symptoms, including memory loss and difficulty concentrating, and has been unable to keep his computer job. Mr. Gamache was also forced to give up a study project that he might have given him Big increase in salary.

The official notification is dated March 22, 2022. Why did you wait nearly six months before making the document public? In an interview with Radio Canada, his attorney, Me François-David Bernier, explained that his client initially wanted to remain anonymous.

The system assaulted him

Only after realizing the size unfairness He suffered what Matteo Gamacci insisted on Publicly denouncing the situation.

C’est pour ça qu’il sort aujourd’hui, pour qu’il y ait quelque chose qui se fasse et surtout que ça n’arrive pas à d’autres personnes, une personne innocente qui pourrait être agressée par le système, com In this caseAnna Bernier continues.

The manager of the attorney at La Firme avocats deplores the behavior of the police, in particular the one who stalked his client. He’s talking about a batch Violent, useless, and unjustifiableThe officers are accused of carrying out an illegal arrest and detention.

These are things that simply shouldn’t happen. Simply. One should, in Quebec, do no activity, but go to a pub, and risk being assaulted by the power that is there to protect. »

Quote from I am François David Bernier, lawyer by Mathieu Gamacci

policeman SPVQ Which prompted Matteo Gamacci, Jacob Picard, to participate in another controversial entry, the photos of which spread widely on the Internet.

In a video filmed in Grande Allée around November 20, 2021, we see the agent, pepper spray in hand, calling out to a young man yelling at him: Do you want me to gas you, ostia? Do you want to be exposed to gas? Is this what you want?before pushing him violently against a patrol car.

The events in St. Joseph County and in the Grande-Alle have led to the opening of two investigations by the Professional Standards Unit in SPVQ.

After intervention from the Public Security Minister, Genevieve Gilbolt, the two files were entrusted to the Bureau of Independent Investigation (BEI) on December 6.

in the hands of DPCP

a report European Investment Bank To the Director of the Criminal and Criminal Prosecution Office (DPCP) at the beginning of July. The DPCP It is not yet clear whether criminal charges will be brought against Jacob Picard.

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The police officer is being directly targeted by the official notice sent by Mathieu Gamachy and his defenders, as in Quebec City.

Portrait of Jacob Picard, a young man in a white polo shirt smiling at the camera.

Officer Jacob Pickard participated in several of the SPVQ entries that made headlines last fall.

Photo: Facebook

The plaintiff and his wife, Marilyn Wellman, are seeking damages totaling $396,225. The document personally places Jacob Pickard on notice for a payment of $30,000 into a trust account.

Quebec City and Mr. Piccard did not respond to the official notification. If nothing changes, Me François-David Bernier plans to file an original application, the first step in initiating a civil lawsuit.

The lawyer thinks Quebec City should take the file In charge of And compensating Mathieu Gamachy, as the city of Montreal did with Mamadi Vara Camara, this man who was arrested by the Metropolitan Police last January by mistake.

The SPVQ It will not attach to the file. He confirms that the police officer targeted in the two investigations is still charged with administrative tasks

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