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Horizon: First Netflix series leaks

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– Posted on June 29, 2022 at 12:49

It all stemmed from Sony’s desire to adapt several epic stories to the small screen: Horizon is one project that will delight fans, and thanks to Jeff Grubb, a passionate video game journalist, we now know more.

After the success of the adaptation of Horizon Zero Dawn on Netflix, Sony is doing it again by creating the entire Horizon video game series, which The full title will be Horizon 2074, As revealed by journalist Jeff Grob, who also indicated that filming will take place in Toronto, Canada. Details about the series, including the title, have appeared on the Director’s Guild of Canada Ontario’s website : For gamers, 2074 is not a year chosen at random, on the contrary, it directly echoes the Farrow scourge, which has ravaged the world during the second half of the twenty-first century and will eventually bring the machines to Earth.

This title suggests that The series will be on separate timelines : The first will take place in the year 2074 until the time of the fall of mankind, and the second in the 31st century, which coincides with the time of the games Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, although the subject is not yet certain. . Anyway, that’s what it most likely looks like, if Netflix He wants to stay true to the games’ storytelling.

Uncertainty about Aloy’s character in Horizon 2074

Aloy is the main character in the game but may not maintain the central role of the series Even if it still exists. Anyway, that’s what the lobby sounds seem to be indicating, even if this information hasn’t been confirmed yet. If so, it will be more of an alternate series than the original game’s “story.” In terms of casting, we find names Jack Boehm (The Boys) and Michelle Brady (Extension) There is still a little patience to discover the rest, the first images of this quickly becoming cult series.

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