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“This airport stinks!” An American stuck in Montreal divorces Trudeau

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Stranded travelers sleeping on the floor, garbage piles, excessive bathrooms, hundreds of bags piled up; The Montreal Trudeau traffic jam was literally “felt” at the station on Wednesday morning.

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She was met by TVA Nouvelles, an American who literally pronounced the phrase “this airport stinks”, not only because of the ambient smell, but because of the complete chaos that was immediately noticed.

Back on Wednesday morning, many of the people we met had been there since Tuesday, and many who were flying with Air Canada in particular didn’t have answers to their questions.

“My last flight with Air Canada should have been a year and a half ago to be honest, but we’re in Canada and separated from Europe, what other options do we have? They care about their customers. And when you try to talk to someone, I understand they’re overwhelmed, they don’t They want to help you,” explained a man unable to get a flight.

The letter is the same for a young man who is also stuck in Montreal Trudeau and without service from his airline.

“Something needs to be done! The staff I spoke to told me it had been this way for too long.”

An ugly young woman cried: In addition to not having a flight, Air Canada asked her to pay so she could take another flight.

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“Our flight has been cancelled, and no one can help us. Every time we ask for help we are told there is no more theft. We have to pay for another flight when we don’t use ours!”, the woman denounced.

The situation has reached such a point that the CEO of Aéroports de Montréal on Tuesday evening mentioned the idea of ​​abandoning some destinations departing from Montreal.

“We hired and tried in particular to retain our employees. Imagine for these people, trying to work in these conditions, that it is still not easy … ”explained Philippe Renville, CEO of Aéroports de Montréal.

Staff who work there must be Transport Canada approved to work on the airside, which makes hiring more difficult.

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