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Steve “Larettes” Charland case adjourned until Friday

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The hearing started several minutes late because an interpreter was not booked to translate the words of the hearing to the accused, who did not speak English well.

When she appealed, Steve Charland was surprised to learn that he did not have a lawyer, that no legal aid application had been filed in his name and that his representative, paralegal Jane Scharf, did not have court permission to represent him legally.

The Farfadaas group spokesman seemed incensed by the whole mess and took the opportunity to report to Judge Herb Kreling, who was presiding over the hearing.

From one stage to the next, it gets more and more complicated and here I am. I mean, I’m in prison. I don’t have the luxury of making calls and not taking any steps. »

Quote from Steve Charland

So on Thursday afternoon, Mr Charland and the attorney on duty were scheduled so that together they could examine the process of obtaining legal aid and attorney services as well as review the next steps on his file.

The judge asked everyone to return to court on Friday morning.

Steve Sharland, 48, is almost back in Ottawa court for participating in the truckers’ protest that paralyzed the capital for several weeks earlier this year.

Last Tuesday’s hearing was adjourned because Mr. Charland had difficulty meeting quasi-counsel Jane Scharf.

At the same time, the Farfadas group spokesman had not yet announced to the court whether he intended to represent himself or not.

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Steve Charland was arrested last Saturday night in the Fanclik Hill area of ​​eastern Ontario by officers from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

He was charged with mischief and counseling others to commit mischief during a truck drivers protest.

In the company of the members of his Farfadaas group, he would provide petrol and food to Freedom Caravan .

Steve Charland was seen several times violating public health measures, notably in a restaurant in Gatineau, on the sidelines of the demonstration, and in Grenville-sur-la-Rogue, more than a year ago, in a house where more than thirty people had gathered.

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