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How Canadian Tech Companies Go Public – Latest News

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The last time I updated my podcast list was in March of last year, isolating myself at home and telling you why BetaKit has relaunched its podcast to talk about the impact of COVID-19 on Canadian technology.

Since then, we’ve released 52 episodes of Black Swan. While I think the quality of these episodes has steadily improved, you may have noticed that the last few episodes have been slightly less … Black Swan-y. It culminated in last week’s episode, which was downright optimistic for 2021!

“There is an administrative burden of being a public company. I think most private companies do not necessarily like it.”

Now, unfortunately, the pandemic is not moving anywhere anytime soon. This means that Black Swan’s dramatic music and darker chronology don’t disappear, either. But the truth is, there was a bunch of interesting Canadian tech conversations that we recently avoided because it didn’t fit the Black Swan format. So, while Black Swan is there “as long as it takes,” you’ll start seeing some new content peppered with the BetaKit podcast, and ultimately, all of these different shows that we were planning on before hearing the term COVID-19.[Female[FEMININE[أنثى[FEMININE

Like this episode, we’re talking to Will Shaw, partner and leader of Fasken’s Toronto Emerging Tech team.

Detections Now: Both will be BetaKit And the Our illustrious partner’s attorney, Rob Kennedy. Nothing in this podcast should be taken as legal advice either. But we can’t think of a better person to answer our stupid questions about corporate IPOs, because Will has a lot of experience answering our stupid questions.

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So let’s learn how Canadian tech companies go public.

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