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How to find better sound between Mac and AirPods?

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Mac is less served than iOS devices when it comes to transferring audio. With AirPods Max or AirPods Pro (or any Bluetooth headphones or earphones), the difference jumps to eyes Ears: With Apple Music on macOS, everything is flat, the bass diminishes, we get the impression the volume has been squeezed into a jar. There are several testimonials on the Apple Support Forum and on Twitter of the big difference in quality between iOS and macOS (HereAnd the It was, one more time Here).

In System Preferences or from the Sound menu in Control Center.

This is a problem that dates back several years and still is hands off From a Mac for that matter. One solution is to change the audio input: by default, it’s set to the AirPods microphone. Must be modified by Mac system in Settings > Son > entrance, Or click Minolt Sound (in menu bar) or Sound category in Control Center, by pressing and holding option. At the bottom of the window, you can change the audio input.

This manipulation allows to find sound quality close to that of the iPhone. Unfortunately, it’s ironing on a wooden leg: You may need a microphone in AirPods, especially on Macs without a device like the Mac mini. Already in 2017, the user was not satisfied I called Apple on this subject, the manufacturer indicated that they are aware of the problem … but nothing has changed since then.

The essence of the matter is Bluetooth and the bandwidth required to transmit sound and audio. For one reason or another, the Mac is Comfort Usually it is on SCO codec, which is very light but its audio performance is much lower than AAC. Bluetooth LE audio ad At CES 2020 by Bluetooth SIG it could fix things, and it still needs to be implemented (read: Bluetooth LE Audio improves audio and democratizes audio sharing).

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