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Sud alsace. Mine is a science fiction court made in Alsace

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They are not 45 among them, but they already know very well where they are going. Part of the ambition as well as part of the dream prompted Kingersheimois Marco Stuppy, 20, and Mulhouse Aurélien Broucke, 23, to produce “a short film, two medium-length films, and a feature film” … in the long run. They estimate that “it may be within ten years, but it will be.” After that, they intend to defend them in “important festivals” and have them air in local cinemas, such as Bel-Air and the mansion at Mulhouse or Rex in Ribeauvillé.

The short film is (almost) in the box. Almost because they’ve already toured, in January 2020 In Raon-l’Étape , A test episode titled the village. A futuristic thing that “breaks codes”, mixing science fiction and Western fiction. “We wanted to prove to ourselves that we can do it without knowing anything about it and without starting from the idea that whoever says science fiction will have a big budget,” says Marco Stobi. Aurélien, to him, quotes Notes too lateWho episodes the album The party is over Made by rapper Orelsan And that sums up the start of their adventure nicely: “If you want to make movies, you just need something to film.”

A hundred people were mobilized, including eight businessmen

Now they are attacking the first stage of the missile which will undoubtedly lead them to 7e art. From the end of January to the early days of February 2021, a member Kino Mulhouse Will transform The mine – This time more science-fiction-oriented with medieval coloring – which will lead them to Silver mine San Nicolas At Steinbach in Mont Sainte-Odile, trans Tellure mining park de Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines and a “Secret” nightclub in Ribeauvillé.

“In fact, this is our first shot of this size, with a hundred good people, coming from Mulhouse and the surrounding areas, from Colmar, Strasbourg and Switzerland, plus a team of eight players stunt and a fencing show squad. Blades of Time , For sword fights, ”continued Marco, the author and director responsible for the technical part of this project, and Aureline, responsible for the logistics part (budget, production, control room, etc.). They are benefiting from the strengthening of Matteo Buchholzer (assistant director), and financial support for the Grand Est and a good amount earned Through crowdfunding.

After the mines, sand and factories

What the two young men do not say immediately, is stimulated by a chain like Stargate And the Westworld The saga star Wars Or the Star Citizen video game, but what allows them to better understand their approach is that they will have half a dozen high school students work on it. The mine. High school students enrolled in Montaigne, Louis-Armand and Stoessel in Mulhouse, as well as students at cinema option at Kirschleger High School in Münster.

What will happen next, knowing this the village And the The mine Will it be presented to the public at the same time, instead of “end of 2021”? It still sounds very mysterious, but there has to be the issue of “shooting in sand and factories, in 2022 or 2023”. Always with the same red thread and without rushing. After all, they have an entire galaxy to explore and time to do so.

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For photography purposes The mine , Production, Ebony production Still looking for add-ons, between Jan 31 and Feb 7. If a specific profile is not searched for, the additions can lead to “living an extraordinary experience” in a mine Tellure mining park in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines. Requests should be sent to [email protected]

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