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How to Upgrade Your Kitchen Space

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Your kitchen is likely among the most used rooms in your home. If you cook in it regularly or seldom, a beautiful kitchen will make you want to spend a lot of time bonding with your guests or family, especially over meals. Having said so, there are many ways to upgrade your kitchen to that of your dreams.

Whether that requires you to make significant changes or update a few aspects of your kitchen, it is worth your time and money. Today, homeowners can utilize a wide array of technologies and designs to help create their dream kitchen.

These designs will combine functionality and beauty, thus simplifying your life as well as adding spark to it. You’ll therefore be more excited to prepare meals and work in this space after playing the online slots real money South Africa games you so love.  If you want to improve your kitchen, here are some great decor ideas to incorporate into your kitchen today.

1. Homogenous colors

A homogenous color palette will transform your kitchen into an elegant space. From the appliances, cabinetry, flooring, as well as window treatments, the harmonious palette will give a uniform yet exquisite finish.

Going for colors that mesh well together will also give your kitchen a timeless look. Before you decide on the color palette, consider if you want to have that particular design over a long or short period. Once you have settled on either of the two, you can proceed to scroll through different hues and come up with a palette that you love.

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It will also aid you in settling on a combination that will go well with the rest of the appliances and cabinetry that are already inside your kitchen. Make sure that your choice is classic and timeless such that you don’t have to change anything within a short time.

Even if you don’t want a permanent design, ensure that the palette you choose will still be in even after five years and not dated. Lastly, pay attention to the aesthetic you desire to achieve, which will give you an easier time when settling on the right homogenous color combination.

Different color combinations will give your kitchen a fresh, luxurious, minimalist, rustic, or contemporary finish.

2. Pendant lights

The lighting in your kitchen plays a crucial role in the outcome of the entire design. Another great trend to incorporate into your kitchen design are pendant lights. In the past few years, these have added a stylish and luxurious touch to kitchens, and they are all the rave right now. Pendant lights elevate your kitchen space and set the mood for elegance and tasteful design work.

They come in various designs and shapes; therefore, they can still work for contemporary, traditional, or other types of interior décor design. The best way to use the pendant lighting is to place it above your kitchen table top for a decorative finish. You could experiment with multiple pendant lights grouped together or even incorporate different designs and shapes to achieve a particular effect.

3. Antique mirror backsplash

The third way to transform your kitchen is to include an antique mirror backdrop. Antique mirrors possess a timeless charm, and many designers have included them when working on different interior designs. Their being used in kitchens is a relatively new concept. Doing so is a fun and novel way to make your kitchen space stand out.

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Antique mirrors look beautiful, and apart from that, they also serve a functional purpose. The antique glass will prevent any splashed food from sticking onto your kitchen walls permanently. This is because it is easy to clean since you just have to wipe off the splashes with a cloth.

Additionally, an antique mirror backdrop will be easy to clean and maintain, saving you a lot of energy over time. You don’t have to put this backdrop on all your walls. Instead, you can put it on one wall inside your kitchen, which will still have a significant transformation.

4. Creative kitchen shelving

Kitchen shelving is a crucial consideration when designing kitchen space, and most people have it as their top consideration when renting, buying, or building a home. Like most people, you are probably looking for enough storage space for all your kitchenware, foodstuff, and other things you use in your kitchen.

As much as the functionality of kitchen cabinets is essential, so is their aesthetic since they take up a large part of this space. This is one of the few instances where you can have your cake and eat it too, and creative kitchen shelving is the way to go. Because of advancements in design and technology, you can easily have creative shelving installed in your kitchen.

Some shelves are multipurpose with storage and other features incorporated into them. For instance, you can have a shelving space inbuilt into your kitchen island. Rather than taking from the island’s beauty, an excellent design for your shelves will actually add to it.

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These are a few ideas that will leave your kitchen etched in everyone’s minds. Try some of them and notice how your kitchen will be transformed from a plain functional room into a functional and beautiful space.

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