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How Trudeaus Changed Canada

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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I wrote on Saturday that Canada has moved.

We moved from Canada of two founding peoples to a post-national and multicultural Canada, where Francophonie weighs no more in the scales than any other ethnic group that is part of the great Canadian mosaic.

Trudeau Revolution

In this Canada, the concept of “two founding peoples” no longer determines the admissibility of such-and-such law.

It is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Trudeau Senior began his job by reinstating the constitution in 1982 without Quebec’s consent.

Trudeau Jr. ended this by opening Canada’s borders wide and declaring that the country he ran was nothing more than a four-star hotel run by a set of principles.

Thanks to the work of a father and son, who never concealed their sympathy for Castro and Mao, Trudeau’s “Great Leap Forward” changed the foundations of the state itself, not to mention its DNA.

The Canada that our ancestors and fathers knew and no longer exists. Transfer.

the world anesthetic

In Canada 2.0 which is governed only by individual rights and freedoms, Law 101 and Law 21 are unacceptable because they are considered discriminatory.

What? Impose your language on others? But it is racist!

Impose her values ​​and vision for living together on others? But it is fascist!

It’s not just Supreme Court justices who think this anymore.

That’s an increasing number of Canadians!

Just read what young Canadian activists are saying about Quebec (In English only And without any embarrassment) to realize that …

The inhabitants of Quebec are tribal. Latched onto themselves. Uncharitable. Hot. Arrears. Paranos. Unable to open up to others. Crampons for their backward vision of the country.

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Do you think we will be able to effectively defend our language in this new country?

To impose our vision to live together?


Well done Justin to legitimize fate!

We are now too anesthetic To see reality as it is!

New bobo

The question is now simple.

What will Francois Legault do when Canada shows him his well-trained middle finger?

How would he react when Canada asks us to take our Laws 101 and 21, roll them up small and throw them in our backs?

Will he take a hole for him? Will he say “Pardon One”? Will he rewrite these laws to make them acceptable to the new guardians of Canada 2.0?

Or would he do what Bourassa threatened to do without having the courage to do it?

It was all very good, Bo Riske in the 1980s, when Canadians still believed in the national story of two founding peoples.

But we are in 2021. Soon, if we don’t really, there will be more Canadians who speak Mandarin than Canadians who speak French.

It’s over, you guys.

About and finished.

Troodius won.

What we do Shall we take our hole? Coucouche wagon?

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