I don’t want Ukraine to end up like Hungary, says analyst Hlebovikij

A major anti-corruption campaign was launched in Ukraine this week, and nine senior officials in the state administration have left their posts. Why did Zelenska’s administration agree to this move first, among the wolves?
There are different reasons behind each of these nine resignations, not always due to accusations of corruption. In some cases, it was about dissatisfaction with the competence, some people were even to blame, for example, the governor of the Kyiv region was offered the position of deputy in the presidential office.

So we know that not all accusations of corruption are based on actual guilt. In many cases, this is the result of remnants of the Soviet system in our institutions. They often cannot respond flexibly enough to the needs of the times, so their managers sometimes flout outdated legislation in an effort to be efficient.

On the other hand, it is important to note that newspapers that have succumbed to the bloodshed of current corruption cases have a very good reputation. They wrote about scandals under Yanukovych, Poroenko, they are professionals, and they still do it under Zelensky too. So I believed them, even if not all my suspicions were confirmed.

Oligarchs are very weak. In my opinion, an attempt to find ways to focus solely on business and leave the political clout situation in exchange for protecting one’s name.

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