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In Dawson, dogs broke into municipal politics

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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And that’s how Gus, a two-year-old crossbreed Border Collie, was chosen to be the Mayor of Dogs this weekend. In total, there were 64 animals in the competition.

Gus will be accompanied by a council with a dog (sled), as the four positions in the municipal council go to huskies.

According to Elaine Corden, the poll’s organizer, there may be a message in this selection: This clearly reflects the place of the Husky in Dawson’s history and the formation of many councils and government bodies around the world, that is, they are more or less coherent.

Cats in the countryside

Although the name of the competition honors dogs, Ms. Corden says that all animals can apply. In particular, there was Mr. Yeti alpaca, as well as several cats, such as Annabelle and Queen Tiki, on the list.

The latter seemed more interested in the position of mayor.

This madness, according to Elaine Corden, is explained by the very special relationship between humans and their four-legged friends. I think people’s attachment to animals is universalas you say.

Despite the name, municipal dog council elections were open to all animals.

Photo: Facebook de Elaine Corden

As in the classic election, all candidates had propaganda posters with a slogan, show, and program, by Eileen Corden.

Small dogs can make a big difference, too.

Quote from:Gus Dog, Mayor-elect Dawson’s political poster

If dog elections leave a smile, the goal is more serious. This is to help raise money for the Humane Society of Dawson, which cares for abandoned or abused animals.

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To register their animals for the race, the owners had to waive $10 for the mayor position or $5 for the chancellor position. As for the 350 or more people who took part in the vote, they were encouraged to donate.

Elaine Corden says Dawson’s Dog Election raised more than $4,000 in its first edition: I am happy with the amount raised and the fact that we were able to share a little fun and joy at a time when so many people are struggling with the escalating COVID-19 restrictions.

With information from Chris Winder

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