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Indomitable Lions: Roger Milla accuses

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Commenting on the defeat of the Indomitable Lions against Uzbekistan in a friendly match last Friday, Ambassador-at-Large Roger Milla expressed his displeasure with those who criticize the poor performance. In fact, Cameroon was humiliated by the modest choice of setting a strict animation of the game. If, two months before the 2022 World Cup, Cameroon had no control over their alignment or their equipment supplier. He still fumbles with his gameplay system, and has no certainty. Roger Milla thinks he knows why.

The best striker Cameroon has ever known explains:

“Don’t judge Song or Samuel Eto’o. In a prep match we send the second team, not the standard team. Cameroon knows who plays first and who replaces the other. We can’t show our game system nor our best players. In 2014, Germany sent their substitute team to play their friendly match Against Cameroon and we went 2-2. During the World Cup that followed, Germany themselves won the starters and put Brazil 7-1.”

my father!

The HOA player explains without firing a shot:

“Preparatory matches are not realistic compared to those played during the World Cup. It’s just a warm-up process, and anyone who puts everything they have on football in a friendly risks remorse when it’s time to compete. This is a chance to test new players.. The game will be in Qatar! None Only detractors who criticize this kind of defeat! »

Indeed, coming from a man who once mastered the field, one is somewhat surprised that his logic remained frozen in 1990.

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