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Olympic Games | Dick Pound says, “The arrow left the bow.”

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Dick Pound, a veteran member of the International Olympic Committee, believes that only “real turmoil” can force a postponement of the Beijing Olympics. “In almost every way the arrow has left the bow,” he asserted.

Catherine Harvey Benard

Catherine Harvey Benard

In an interview with USA TODAYOn Tuesday, Dick Pound said he was convinced the Beijing Olympics would indeed take place despite the spread of COVID-19 cases around the world. However, it did not completely close the door to the possibility of canceling or postponing the event.

“I think there will be some uncertainty about the games among the public as long as the ship is sailing, but for now the anchors are being scrapped and the ship is leaving the berth, unless Armageddon actually happens and authorities health officials say we should shut down all countries,” he said. It will change the whole paradigm.”

The 79-year-old is the first member of the International Olympic Committee to raise the possibility that the event will not take place from February 4. When asked about the chances of that happening, he replied, “Very slim.”

“It’s crazy trying to put a number on it,” he added. It’s a possibility that can’t be completely ruled out, but no whole countries say we shouldn’t go. It’s a shame that Athlete X is powerless in combat, but you still have a few hundred Athletes who aren’t. ”

“The concern is for all the people who are not yet in China, if, one by one, they have to pull out and you lose a sled here, a skater there,” he said. If you get to the point where there are only Chinese athletes, then no, it won’t be the Olympics and they won’t be recognized as such. ”

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About David Shoemaker

“We are concerned,” said David Shoemaker, chief executive of the Canadian Olympic Committee, on Monday. “We are confident that these games can still be played safely, but we are taking it day in and day out,” he added.

When asked about this, Dick Pound said it was only natural that the CEOs of the National Olympic Committees were aware of the scale of the situation.

“If I were him,” he said, “that’s what I would say.” If you are the CEO of the National Olympic Committee, you should be able not to ignore the possibility of the Games being cancelled. ”

“There is no indication that it will happen,” Pound added. But we’ve never seen anything like this before. [Le variant Omicron] It definitely travels around the world, more people are traveling, so more people can catch or spread the virus, so yes of course you have to say ‘we are concerned about the health and safety of our team’.

Nothing is normal in the Canadian sports world lately. Some important pre-Olympic competitions, such as the Canadian long-track selections, had to be canceled, upsetting normal procedures.

Two weeks ago, the National Hockey League and Players Association (AJLNH) agreed to waive players’ participation in the Olympics. Last week, the Canadian bobsleigh federation placed 10 athletes and three employees on a COVID-19 protocol. Canadian ice skaters Vanessa James and Eric Radford revealed on Tuesday that they had tested positive during the holiday season and said they did not know if they could compete in the upcoming Olympic trials. The list goes on.

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“There will definitely be competing athletes [dans les prochaines semaines] Dick Pound said issues would arise. The question is: How many will there be and does that amount to a tsunami telling us that the Olympics can no longer be held? ”

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