Friday, May 24, 2024

What will they think of us in 100 years?

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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On Friday, in Canada and in many other countries of the world, the March for Climate took place. In Quebec, thousands of young and old have taken to the streets to express their environmental demands.

I have often participated in climate rallies. Every time I see thousands of people coming together to make a difference, chanting powerful slogans, and moving in the same direction as these people of all ages, I get bored with hope…

But then the days pass and my sense of helplessness in the face of climate inaction begins to despair again.

I’m afraid that 100 years from now, kids will learn in their history books that in 2020 we haven’t taken environmental issues seriously enough.

I am terrified that we will not take the last chance to settle this vital matter.

It’s no longer time to walk. tik tok, tik tok…

It is time for governments to do everything in their power to improve the fate of the planet and future generations.

need hope

I notice that my generation, millennials, have a hard time projecting themselves into the future, imagining and hoping for a future full of possibilities.

Many of my loved ones are invaded by environmental anxiety, a disease that makes them suffer daily.

Many young people my age are really hesitant to have children because of the uncertain future of our planet.

These are sad facts.

If the government leads an ambitious environmental transformation, I am sure that young people interested in these issues will regain hope for the future.

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I dare hope that in 100 years, children will learn in their history books that their ancestors, in 2022, worked to ensure a life in which they could thrive on a healthy planet.

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