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Is weather responsible for the spread of respiratory viruses?

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Respiratory viruses are present in abundance this year, and the temperature is no stranger to the situation.

“What can happen is that when it is hot and it alternates between cold and hot, people come in and out. There is more contact, there is more mixing, and therefore it is detected more,” explains pulmonologist Dr. Paolo Renzi.

Patients are often repeatedly infected with different circulating viruses.

“There were a lot of viruses circulating: respiratory syncytial virus, influenza, the next pneumonia virus… There may be climate conditions that are changing, but it is difficult to know if that has a direct connection to what is happening,” he points out. Pediatrician and infectious disease specialist Dr. Valerie Lamarre.

“I found that the infectious episodes were a little longer than usual, which prompts people to consult a little more, even when it's viral. Instead of waiting a few days, after 7 to 10 days, the symptoms are still showing,” says general practitioner Dr. Benoit Heppell. On people and tend to consult.

“There were a lot of viruses circulating, so people would often get several viruses in a row. They are sick, they get another and another, and then they think they are still sick, and that prompts them to consult,” he adds.

It should also be noted that flu season started earlier than usual.

“The viruses arrived very early, just like last year. Normally, our flu peak was more in January and February, but here, it started very early, at the end of November and the beginning of December,” says general practitioner Dr. Frédéric Picot.

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According to many specialists, the easing of many hygiene measures, such as wearing a mask, can also explain the strong spread of viruses.

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