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Jay LaFleur: Farewell to a great man

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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In one of its majestic temples, the people of Quebec bid farewell to their hero with luxury and sophistication. Jennette’s voice, Patrick’s testimony, and waves of fan love made this concert a now-recorded moment in our collective history.

A large number of powerful and animated symbols made this wonderful celebration. I remember entering the Basilica of Guy Lafleur, which was carried by his sons and former colleagues. His friends and playmates with whom he won the Stanley Cup, and who this time brought him back to his final rest.

in text primarya song that was vigorously interpreted yesterday, Jeannette Reno sang: “The main thing is to be loved … not by luck or fame.”

One would think that this sentence was written for Guy Lafleur. Fame, know it! Admire being great among the greats! The Stanley Cups, broken records, and his countless feats have fascinated audiences for years.

But his status as an idol has never overshadowed his humanity and generosity. He clearly listened to and understood this song.


If there is one thing that has amazed me that has driven me this week of honors, it is the extent to which Jay LaFleur has left a mark in the lives of so many Quebecers. The Guy LaFleur who has been hailed and praised in recent days is so much more than the guy who scored the goals. He is the man who recorded souls, the man who recorded souls.

We have all heard the testimonies of those who came to honor him who said: “We owe it to him!”

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People that Jay LaFleur met at a charity event, people he had autographed after an alumni game, people who gave them time and did a good job.

All dimensions of the hero

One minute, two minutes, signature time, Jay devoted his attention to them. Legend, their hero became a simple and accessible man who was sincerely interested in him. People talk superlatively about the impact this moment has had on their lives. Its simplicity, attractiveness, presence, generosity and qualities have brought comfort, hope and happiness to thousands of lives.

As we bid farewell to a larger-than-life personality, we evaluate what he leaves us as a legacy.

Guy LaFleur was a hero and a role model in the three major areas of his life.

Athlete Jay LaFleur gave his best and made his teammates even better. He did his sport with pride. He, the little guy from Thurso who became the greatest of his time, was a huge inspiration.

Jay LaFleur Sr. has stayed solid through tough times.

A big-hearted citizen, Guy LaFleur had given back to his community.

Thanks man.

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