Joe Biden looking for the way to the bridge

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), more than 43 million Americans will hit the roads this weekend to take advantage of the extended vacation.

The White House sees many roads and bridges used by cars in poor condition. falls apart. Hence the need, according to the Biden administration, to invest heavily in infrastructure.

At the end of May, the Democratic president unveiled an ambitious investment plan that promises to go beyond the traditional definition of infrastructure. His administration, in particular, envisioned spending on research and development, improving Internet access and training workers.

The fight against climate change is also central to this strategy. Joe Biden promised that his plan would help transform the American economy.

Bill envisioned: $2000 billion. Which is a very high amount in the eyes of Republicans, and even some centrist Democrats.

Over the past few weeks, ten senators, Democrats and Republicans have embarked on intense negotiations for a compromise that is likely to pass in a politically divided Congress.

On Thursday, June 24, these elected officials left the White House in the company of President Biden, who made no secret of his satisfaction with a smile on his lips. We have an agreement, did he say.

Joe Biden made no secret of his satisfaction after reaching an agreement with a group of senators from both parties.

Photo: Getty Images/Kevin Dietsch

But more than a week later, the fate of this agreement remains uncertain.

It is difficult to know when and even if the text will reach the Oval Office to receive the presidential signature.

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A bridge between the two?

That’s because shortly after he announced, in the company of senators from both parties, Joe Biden made his intentions clear.

For the president, the approval of $579 billion for new spending, much more modest than her initial draft, should be accompanied by a second proposal. This other legislative text must contain measures, particularly social measures, that were abandoned in the negotiations.

By resorting to conciliation measures, Democrats could pass this second bill without requiring any Republican support. This strategy has been mentioned for some time by party leaders in Congress.

This is the only way you will come to me, otherwise I will not fall, this is a tandemPresident Biden wrote, before backing away a few hours later, after elected Republican officials expressed their displeasure.

My comments left the impression that I was willing to veto the plan I had just agreed to, which was certainly not my intention.Joe Bian said.

This episode alone illustrates the governance challenge facing Joe Biden.

By opening the door to compromise, the president, who has promised to be a unified head of state, wishes to demonstrate his ability to communicate with his opponents.

But negotiating comes with the potential for severing cherished promises to the Democratic base that would make Joe Biden a reformist president.

In Washington, protesters called on the Biden administration to invest more in climate change.

In Washington, protesters called on the Biden administration to invest more in climate change.

Photo: Getty Images/Kevin Dietsch

Moreover, after the bilateral agreement was quickly announced, progressive MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did not hesitate to denounce a project that, in her view, is not enough for the working class, women and minorities.

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Will Joe Biden and his allies in Congress build the bridge between progressive House Democrats, Senate Republicans, and centrist Democrats?

One thing is for sure, these efforts could be crucial to the rest of the 46th president’s presidential term.

Especially since Americans, as a rule, are inclined, regardless of their political lines, to agree with the need to invest in the old infrastructure of the country. A poll conducted by Ipsos in the fall of 2020 indicated that 65% of the population felt the state was not doing enough to meet infrastructure needs.

Politically, the question is not the most dangerous for elected officials. Regardless of their party, they will all be able to find a bridge, road or airport in their region or state that will benefit from the investment and which they can show off to their constituents.

Therefore, if this dossier does not mobilize enough elected officials, legitimate questions may arise about the ability of the administration and Congress to reach agreement on such thorny issues as the right to vote, to bear arms, or police reforms.

If he wants to build more bridges, Joe Biden will first have to make sure the infrastructure base is solid.

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