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Join our discussion on the science of sustainability!

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The OACPS Research and Innovation Program is organizing a discussion on the science of sustainability on June 14, 2022. How to improve the impact of science, technology and innovation (STI) on OACPS members in order to make it an accelerator for achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?

The world has entered a historic decade for the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which seek to advance human development within the limits of the planet. The window to ensure a viable future is shrinking, and despite the urgency, the world is not on track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Science can play a critical role in accelerating their implementation, providing evidence for decision-making, creating actionable knowledge, bridging data gaps and finding innovative solutions to complex and global challenges. interrelated (climate change, epidemics, biodiversity loss, etc.).

But this requires a fundamental change in the way science is conducted, used, evaluated, and funded…

The discussion will focus on this question:

How can the impact of science, technology and innovation be improved to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals? »

Three speakers will discuss the different aspects of sustainability science (benefits, challenges, concrete solutions, best practices, etc.) and answer participants’ online questions.

  • Kony NshimerroyDirector of the Science Leadership Program for Africa and member of the Technical Advisory Group Supporting the Global Committee on Science Missions for Sustainability.
  • Thandie Mgwebe, Vice-Chancellor of Nelson Mandela University, which houses the Sustainability Research Unit and positions itself as a major player in the science of sustainability.
  • chibuna ogbonna, Young social innovator, co-founder and general manager of Kiru Energy Limited, a renewable energy startup (based in Nigeria).

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