Jonathan David (Lil): “We knew the game was going to be very dirty”

“You scored half of LOSC’s goals this season. How would you rate your performance?
I’m in good shape but it’s still teamwork because my teammates put me in the best positions to finish the procedure.

I left too often. What is your role in offensive animation?
That’s what the coach asks of me, the opponent leaves the spaces, which allows us to create chances.

Why is it more difficult in L1 than in C1?
I do not know. Of course, we make the same effort at L1. We know how important results are. We are not in the tournament where we would like to be.

How do you live this prosperous period on a personal level?
I live it well. But the most important thing is victory. If my goals and my work help the team, I’m happy. But the most important thing is to win.

Did you catch your momentum in the first quarter of the hour?
At first, we had the ball. They momentarily dominated the match and took advantage of the space to counterattack. But we managed to manage it by going back into place. Then we controlled them and closed the first half.

How do you manage travel to other continents and the resulting fatigue?
I think I’m still young. I try to recover well and hydrate myself well.

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