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Julian Petty, The Unexpected Paralympian |

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The story begins with an appeal to all FB By the British Columbia Ski Association, but to understand, you have to go back a bit.

Passionate about skiing since childhood, Julian Petti always wanted to spend more time on the slopes. At the High School of Technology, his studies in mechanical engineering didn’t stop him from competing at the undergraduate level while teaching skiing on weekends in Bromont, where he grew up.

But earning a living with his favorite sport remained a distant dream until 2019, when he saw it, when he opened his account FBAn appeal launched by the British Columbia Ski Association. 15-year-old skier Logan Leach was looking for a guide to take part in alpine ski competitions.

Immediately, Julian Petty, who had already mentored visually impaired skiers as a ski coach, raised his hand when he was younger. There were many virtual and telephone interviews. To make sure it worked in terms of characters, but also I had the level to skate in front of it. I sent them videos of me competingsays a resident of Quebec.

full time skater

In the end, Julian and Logan joined in for a duo audition on the snow. We said we’d give each other a month to see if things were going well together. Three years later, we’re at the Paralympicssays Julie Petty, who soon put her engineering career on hold.

He is now a full-time skater as well as the athlete he supports. During the races, he hit him by a few meters and told him, using a communication system in their helmets, about the changes in the track. He sees Logan, but his vision is very limited. So I’m also a visual cue for him so he knows where to go.

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The two also follow each other in training, even from a distance. In and out of snow, summer and winter, we are on the same programsays the guide.

To the Paralympics faster than expected

Obviously, the recipe works. From the moment Logan Leach and Julian Petty started competing together, the goal was to one day compete in the Paralympics. But Quebec was not sure he was there, because the most realistic target was 2026.

The meteoric advance of the young British Columbian changed the game. His performances this winter allowed him, at the age of 19, to join the national team and he is already in his first Paralympic Games with his mentor in Quebec. On Friday and Saturday nights, the duo will begin their regression and Super G events in China. But already, the two men plan to continue their collaboration.

The Paralympics came sooner than expected, but we’ve been talking about it recently and plan to be together for a few years.Julian Petty concludes.

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