Konrad Tomazkyiewicz, director of The Witcher 3, has been acquitted of the bullying charges

He leaves the company intact.

Image source: CD Projekt Red

Among the problems of managing their employees that CD Projekt Red had to face, the behavior of some employees has been added. This is the case of Konrad Tomaszkewitz, Director of Witcher 3.

During the investigation, the person concerned paused in a letter obtained Bloomberg– He realizes that employees have felt fear, tension, or discomfort in front of him. After investigation, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz was acquitted of the charges against him, according to GameInformer. However, he won’t sign again with CD Projekt Red, we imagine we’ll find him in another studio at some point. However, this prolonged period of inactivity would have allowed him to work through a “long and difficult process” to transform and transform into a better person.

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This decision also sheds light on unfriendly managers and the problems their behavior causes. Without necessarily going to the point of intimidating, their fragile position causes them to think about it, while their lack of empathy in all circumstances can seriously weaken a team. However, the problem is even more pronounced when it comes from a key person on whom successes are built. In this case, the tendency is often not to intervene, but this then leads to employee rotation or disengagement.

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