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Symptoms, infection, vaccine … Five questions on shingles

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Into a microphone No appointment On Wednesday in Europe 1, Fanny, an auditor from Paris suffering from hip shingles, was worried about having to return to work in nurseries when she was warned about the extent of the disease. Dr. Jimmy Mohamed told him that shingles is not very contagious, and he took the opportunity to assess this virus for which it could return.

What is shingles?

“It’s a revitalization Chickenpox virus that infected us in childhood. It will get better, but you will keep this virus inside of you, in the ganglia, the nerves in the back, which will be asleep. In 20% of cases, after 50 years, it will reactivate and give the famous shingles. “

What are the symptoms and the affected areas?

“It’s damage to the nodes in the back. This means that all nerves can be affected, so you can have shingles in the leg – often just one of the legs – but also in the area. On the back, around the ribs, stomach or face. It all depends. On the site and nerve that will be affected. First you will feel a burning sensation, like sciatica. Then you will see plaques with small vesicles, bubbles that will penetrate and develop into crusts. They will heal automatically from shingles.

Is it contagious ? Should we stop working?

“Shingles is not a problem because it is not very contagious. What can be contagious is precisely these small blisters: if you touch them and do not wash your hands, then you touch someone who has not had chickenpox, you can pass it can cause problems in newborns or people who suffer If you are immunocompromised or maybe pregnant women. You can put a small bandage. “

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Is shingles likely to return?

“Shingles occurs after the age of 50 because immunity will be less effective, and often, when you are a little tired, when you have a viral infection, you are at risk of getting shingles. But if you do, you can do anything. Do something else because it is a recurrence of smallpox.” Water. That is why, sometimes, we can give vaccination. “

Is it useful to get vaccinated?

The vaccine is recommended from 65 to 74 years of ageBut it is possible to do this from the age of 50 for two reasons. The first is that we know that 1 in 2 people by the age of 85 will develop shingles in their lifetime. The second is that the vaccine will be effective in treating shingles, but also at the risk of post-shingles pain. If it is left untreated or if you have not been vaccinated, you can experience chronic pain for several months or even years. For Covid, you will have to wait three weeks before receiving the vaccination, because this is the minimum time. “

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