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Fortnite event tonight for chapter 3 of season 3? – Break Flip

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Tonight’s event will take place in Fortnite, to launch Chapter 3 Season 3! But what will happen and how do you participate?

announced over a week ago, Event it will be held fortnite Saturday June 4 ! This is it from 10 pm that it will be possible to watch it live, for all players, in build zero “.

This event will be held for Season 2 concluded From Chapter 3, and the launch of Season 3 of the said chapter. At the moment, we don’t know yet what shape it will take, but we can assume that something will hit the map because the event is called an impact. We explain how to participate, to follow the end of Season 2 of Chapter 3 in Fortnite!

How do I participate in tonight’s event in Fortnite?

for Participate in the event Taking place this Saturday, June 4th, you will have to Join the Zero Build game mode in Fortnite. This mode will be available 30 minutes before the event starts, i.e. from 9:30 PM. he is Advised to join in advance To make sure you have a place!

It will be possible to participate in this event with friends, in the designated living room 4 players max. event will be interactivewhich means that you will not only have to watch it, but also participate in it by interacting with the elements.

Once the event is over, Maintenance work It will happen and will make the game unavailable for several hours before then Fortnite Season 3 Official Launch. We remind you in passing that by logging in, on June 4 from 2 PM you will receive music from the lounge and an exclusive loading screen.

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