Lan ETS 2022 kicks off

It’s D-Day for the long-awaited comeback of Lan ETS and head-to-head, the largest Lan gathering on the East Coast of North America, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. In the program: many prizes to win, video game tournaments, booths and a festive atmosphere.

Created in 2002 on the initiative of three college students who love network games and information technology (IT), Lan ETS is above all a video game competition.

“Local area network” refers to a local area network (local area network in English) as many computers are connected together and therefore in close proximity. This game option was practical at the time when internet connectivity was more expensive and was not present in homes.

The organization expects about 1,000 players to compete for prizes worth $20,000 from May 13-15.

Among the titles in competition this year (A new window)Let’s remember league of legendsAnd Guilty Gear: StruggleAnd CS: GOAnd Smash Bros. Millie And climaxAnd Rocket LeagueAnd Street Fighter Fifth And brave.

Several booths will be located at the Higher School of Technology (ETS), including the women’s e-sports organization Mirage Scouts, which is planning activities with its teams that will be broadcast live on their Twitch channel.

Other activities are also planned during the three days of the festivities, including a talent show. On the site there are also references to waterfalls (trick), special costumes (disguise) and a treasure hunt.

Lan ETS kicks off at 6 p.m. Friday, and the event ends at 5 p.m. Sunday. People who cannot travel will be able to watch online competitions on Bell’s Twitch channel (A new window).

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