TikTok is hosting an event with influencers in Canada

The date is set. On June 1 and 2, TikTok is hosting an event with influencers in Toronto, Canada. The first event will happen in person and online. in the program? Conferences on trends and e-commerce that are exploding on social networks.

“In just a few years, TikTok has become the heart of media, entertainment and culture around the world – and Canada is no exception. Canadians across the country are now turning to TikTok to entertain, learn about trends and discover products worth buying. Now is the time for brands and agencies across Canada. to join the movement,” TikTok announced.

It is a two day event organized by the social network. The first day of the “ForYou Summit” on Wednesday, June 1, which will take place at Meridian Hall, Toronto from 4:30 pm. Search, meet the creators and even attend a concert.

The second day, Thursday 2 June, this time to be held online, will be an opportunity to review current trends such as commerce on social networks with “TikTok Made Me Buy It”, but also to discuss strategies for success on the platform and the growth of your audience.

“TikTok invites you to join us – live and in person – for our first #ForYou: Canada Summit in Toronto, followed by a day of breakout sessions in the world of #ForYouniverse.”

This summit can only be reached by invitation. But those interested can still register by filling out the form to try to participate. Please note that registration ends on Monday, May 30th. Participants will also have to meet certain health standards by being fully vaccinated against Covid-19. At the protocol level, TikTok indicated that other measures, such as mask-wearing and tests, could be taken during the event.

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