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LEGO Super Mario: The range expands with LEGO Luigi, a multiplayer mode and new expansions

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Often and unfortunately called Green Mario, Luigi is finally getting the love he deserves by joining the LEGO Super Mario set! Its operation is similar to that of its brother, but in terms of size, Luigi is exactly the equivalent of another flat LEGO piece.

Well-thought-out multiplayer mode

Lego Luigi Adventures

for this occasion, Multiplayer mode makes his entry. Nothing could be simpler, just press the two brothers’ bluetooth buttons until they connect. The pairing is confirmed by cute “Hello Mario” and “Hi Luigi.” Thus, the combined actions of the characters bring more points, but also allow to defeat enemies more effectively.. A great initiative in the spirit of LEGO and in the spirit of Super Mario.

New expansions with new gameplay

Sky World Lakito
Sky World Lakito
Bowser's Flying Castle
Bowser’s Flying Castle

If there is a range Puzzle Games Where innovation and building advice is at the core of the program, it is Super Mario. one more time, The new expansions are full of innovation in terms of gameplay and interactions. We think especially of the group “Lakitu’s Sky World” Where it will be necessary to play co-op to bring down Lakitu, or even in the group “Bowser Flying Castle” which must be defeated by finding 3 secret objectives. Here is the full list of the new collections announced today:

  • 71391 Bowser Flying Fortress Expansion Kit
  • 71388 Boss Frere Sumo . Infernal Tower Expansion Set
  • 71389 Lakito Skyworld Expansion Set
  • 71390 Destroy the Reznors . expansion set
  • 71392 Mario Frog Power Pack
  • 71393 Mario B Power Pack
  • 71394 Surprise Figure Pack – Series 3
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Luigi’s Adventures

Lego Luigi Adventures
Lego Luigi Adventures

Of course, All these sets are also compatible with Mario, and all groups in range LEGO Super Mario its predecessors. What a joy it is to be able to reunite the two brothers, with a Luigi Which is just adorable! Some of these sets will be available on August 1 in stores, and they are already available Pre-order on the official LEGO website.

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