Les Hardings was shown on Télé-Québec on February 19

Télé-Québec repeated the experiment on Friday with a flagship piece designed by Alexia Bürger.

This work is inspired by the Lac-Mégantic railroad tragedy. Martin Drenville, Bruno Marcel, and Patrice Dubois all brilliantly housed a man named Thomas Harding.

One was a New Zealand researcher who knew the death of one of his relatives, the other was an American insurance company, and the third was a Quebec railroad worker.

Inspired by three real Thomas Hardings, the author explores with a touch of humor and a lot of tenderness notions of serendipity and responsibility. The text, acting, music and theater are great.

The solemn moments are remarkable, such as when Bruno Marcel understands that his “own” train caused the fire, or when he utters the first names of the 47 victims who died in the fire who do not stop. Accompany him.

The specially shot capture for television will give a nice boost, hopefully, to the publication of this work, whose tour, scheduled to run until 2022, was interrupted last spring.

The piece Les Hardings It will air on Télé-Québec on Friday, February 19 at 10 pm, and repeat on Sunday, February 21 at 8:30 pm.

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