Like painting by numbers!

Only one Canadian film is showing at the Cannes Film Festival, which opens today.

that it future crimes by David Cronenberg. His feature film on science fiction was well received by the jury. Starring Léa Seydoux, Kristen Stewart and Viggo Mortensen, future crimes It will be one of 24 films in competition. No films from Quebec will be shown at the festival as such, but the parallel organisation, La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, has chosen falcon lakeCharlotte Le Bon’s first feature film.

Whatever the case, our “Chief Officials” from Culture and Telefilm will be present in Cannes to show off and pay tribute to the successes of our film and television. The future is not as rosy as they claim, because producing an ambitious movie or TV series carries increased risks. Robert Lantos, who future crimes It is the fourth film Cronenberg has produced, and he claims to have had to go on a world tour to complete funding. This is undoubtedly true, because it is a Canadian-French-Greek co-production.

Lantos is rowing against the tide. This is how he fights like the devil in holy water so he doesn’t turn to money Banners. He is convinced that we must first introduce a feature film in theaters before it can “retire” on the small screen. More than one producer seeks to finance his films from him Bannerseven if it means giving them all their rights and allowing them to use the film as they see fit.

Distribution of public funds

future crimes not TurnoutBut it’s a mid-budget movie. Telefilm has invested $3.5 million, or about 14 percent of the production budget. Telefilm has also participated in the development of the project and will contribute to its promotion. Like other donor agencies, Telefilm prefers to invest modest sums in several films rather than large sums in a small number.

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As movies and series are getting more and more expensive, this policy of spraying public money makes the production of big movies and series more and more problematic. There is still more sterilization. Creators, screenwriters, and producers are now subject to a myriad of requirements, rules, and standards. If some of them can be considered mere harassment of civil servants, some of them are a serious hindrance to creation.

sexual diversity

In addition to the points system that has long defined Canadian employment, other rules continue to be added, including those for the equality of men and women. For a business to receive its full funding, men and women must be on an equal footing on the part of craftsmen, writing and creative teams. But the new requirements do not stop there.

At NFB and at Radio Canada, at Telefilm and at the Media Fund, in the arts boards and all federal grant agencies, we want to ensure that diversity, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has set as the inescapable rule, is respected, and that as many sexual orientations as possible are represented. Justin’s father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, must have rolled over in his grave, he’s the one who proved that the state has nothing to do in the bedroom.

At the rate at which bases multiply, creation will soon be like painting by numbers!

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