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Ontario’s position to present a new leisure and wellness destination, public beach, park and cultural center by Therme Group

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ThermeGroup will create a year-round wellness destination that will provide people with new opportunities to get closer to Lake Ontario

Toronto, July 30. 2021 / CNW / – ThermeGroup, the World Health Organization, is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Government of Ontario and the City of Toronto To help revitalize the Ontario site. Thermakanda | The Ontario Place will ensure the sustainability of Ontario Place’s heritage by revitalizing its original vision: celebrating the province and its culture, and offering a one-of-a-kind Ontario waterfront experience. Toronto.

Thermakanda | The Ontario Place will provide a family experience with stunning indoor and outdoor pools, water slides, wave pool, relaxation landscapes, performance and rejuvenation services, and lush botanical gardens. The destination will offer fun activities for all ages with a focus on health, as well as affordable health treatments to cater to all needs. The Therme experience is based on delicious, healthy, sustainably produced foods that guests can enjoy with family or friends. They can also enjoy great evening entertainment.

Therme is a unique experience accessible in all seasons: an urban and natural oasis where people can enjoy, relax and forget a little from their busy lives in order to improve their physical and mental health. thermogroup. The future of Ontario’s place will be determined by its ability to reconnect people to water. Through our technology and community engagement, Therme and our partners will create a new architectural focal point that will draw more people to the waterfront, reflecting the original intent that led to the founding of Place de Ontario 50 years ago.

Ontario’s place is a symbolic and precious place. He said its redevelopment offers a unique opportunity to create a great place for Ontarians Lisa McLeodMinister of Heritage, Sports, Tourism and Cultural Industries. Therme Group’s forward-thinking and accessible approach to global health is popular across the country.Europeand it will be a welcome new asset on Ontario Place. The county will therefore benefit from a world-class cultural, health and family-friendly attraction that will create unforgettable experiences for all visitors, while providing quality jobs. This attraction will play a major role in Ontario’s social and economic recovery.

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Public parks and open spaces

Ontario Place has always been an accessible entertainment and leisure destination for the public. Thermakanda | The Ontario Place will maintain and enhance the tradition of public access to the Ontario Place site. With the planned construction of more than eight acres of public space, including a free public beach, and improved pedestrian and bicycle access, people will be able to reconnect with the lake.

The Therme Bridge leading to the west will help expand and improve the William G. Davis Trail throughout the site, including providing a new link between the coast and the west, which will allow people to enjoy more of Ontario’s outdoor, year-round circuit.

Therme also looks forward to continuing to collaborate with the people Toronto In order to understand what other features or experiences they could add to this new public space on the waterfront.

arts and culture

As part of a global wellbeing mission, ThermeGroup supports arts and culture by working with local and international artists, as well as emerging talent. The organization commissions and integrates art installations in each of its destinations, thus immersing the audience in the artistic world, outside of traditional spaces, such as museums and art galleries.

the partnership

Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation (PNMC)

The Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation (PNMC), as Treaty First Nation, has been working with ThermeGroup since the conceptual stage of the Ontario Place redevelopment proposal. I am pleased that ThermeGroup recognized the importance and embraced the idea of ​​a good explanation of the history of MCFN in relation to these lands. The commitment shown by ThermeGroup encourages us to work with them to advance their proposed reorganization plans. MCFN looks forward to deepening a positive, productive and lasting relationship with ThermeGroup as it will reconnect to the Toronto Waterfront, said President R. StaceyLaforme of Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.

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Over the past two years, ThermeGroup has collaborated with PNMCLearn more about the history of Ontario Place waters and the generations of Aboriginal people whose existence depends on these waters. ThermeGroup is honored to have the opportunity to help breathe new life into this heritage and introduce the history and culture of MCFN to all who visit its facilities. ThermeGroup values ​​the relationship that has been established with MCFN and believes that the work we do together will be integral to the success of reconnecting Ontarians to the waterfront.

International Film Festival Toronto: ThermeGroup is proud of its cultural partnership with International Film Festival Toronto. The Cinematic Cities Initiative, a 10-year philanthropic partnership, will focus on strengthening the role of art and cinema in creating more human cities.

For the Black North initiative: For the Black North initiativeThermeGroup will also be engaged to support the creation of programs and initiatives that focus on the contributions of the black community at the local and national levels. In addition, the BlackNorth Initiative will work with ThermeGroup to guide the development of the diversity strategy, as Therme is establishing itself in Canada.

Therme looks forward to reaching out directly to residents and city leaders to present its proven model of wellness experiences that provide multiple opportunities for dialogue.

Economic advantages

Each ThermeGroup project is designed to benefit the economy, the community, and the community it serves. ThermeCanada will create more than 2,200 construction jobs and 800 permanent full-time jobs, as well as being able to welcome up to 3 million visitors each year to the Ontario venue, which will support the tourism sector and promote the once-recovery of the city and province. The epidemic is passing. At present, Therme’s investment is estimated at about 350 million Canadian dollars.

About ThermeGroup

ThermeGroup is a global organization recognized for creating the world’s largest and most technologically advanced leisure and wellness destinations. Every year, it provides millions of people with the opportunity to spend a holiday under the theme of health and sustainability at home. ThermeGroup and its strategic partners operate four facilities in Europe We have more than 10 large scale projects in the final stages of development all over the world. To learn more about ThermeCanada, visit the

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Media inquiries: [email protected]

SOURCE Therme Canada

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