Listen to music to find speech


  • Listening to music may improve speech recovery in post-stroke aphasia patients.
  • Music is a tool that should be used in addition to classical rehabilitation methods.

Listening to music has many advantages: reducing anxiety, increasing well-being, improving sleep, etc. according to A study published in the journal eNeuro, This art could have a new benefit: improving language recovery in patients who have suffered from a brain attack (a hit). brain attack Sudden loss of one or more brain functions. Its severity depends on the location and extent of the affected areas in the brain. Some patients develop a language disorder after a stroke called aphasia, which can range from difficulty finding words to complete aphasia. The administration is usually long and results vary from patient to patient.

Improved vocal music from speech recovery

During their work, the authors compared the effect of listening to music – vocal and instrumental – and audio books on the structural and functional recovery of the language network of patients who have had a stroke. They followed the participants for three months to monitor development. “For the first time, we were able to demonstrate that the positive effects of vocal music are related to the structural and functional plasticity of the language network., confirms Alexei Sihvonen, one of the researchers. This expands our understanding of the mechanisms of action of music-based neurorehabilitation methods.According to the results of the researchers, it is vocal music that improves the restoration of the structural connectivity of the language network in the left frontal lobe, in relation to language skills. In fact, The ability to talk about stroke patients is not lost. I just got damaged. “The brain is plasticExplains Dr. Pierre Decavill, a neurologist at CHU de Besançon (Doubs). He is able to reorganize himself to regain functionality.” Hence the interest in working on the jobs that have been preserved.

Music must complement classical rehabilitation methods

Listening to acoustic music can be considered a procedure that improves classical rehabilitation provided by institutional care, Explanation of Alexei Sehvonen. This activity can be organized easily, from the first rehabilitation sessions“.So music will complement but should not replace classical rehabilitation. It can also help rehabilitate patients with mild speech disorders when other rehabilitation options have not worked.”Unfortunately, most of the time the patient spends in the hospital is unmotivatedAlexey Sehvonen explained. At these times, listening to music can be an additional rehabilitation tool.Initiatives exist, such as those from France AVC . Association Who suggests Workshops and conferences to facilitate the rehabilitation of patients and facilitate the task of those who care for them. Each year, 155,000 people suffer a stroke in France.

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