Watch out for this bug with the beta version of WhatsApp on Android

New features of the app are usually the subject of a beta release before they are released to the general public. At least a trial version of The WhatsApp For Android devices Behaves But the camera malfunctions.

Before deploying a feature in the latest version of the app, developers usually run a test. Otherwise, there is a risk of causing inconvenience to users. Thus, testing in a beta version avoids this. In principle, the preview is available to a limited number of users. They can then report any malfunctions. The developers then correct the errors before introducing the functionality in a final or full version.

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WhatsApp regularly introduces new options. Thus, the end-to-end encrypted messaging service publishes different beta versions every time a new update is in preparation. Recently, many users took to Twitter to report an issue with the Android beta version affecting the device’s camera.

Bug in several beta versions

The American website WABetaInfo mainly deals with information related to WhatsApp. Note that this is a platform that has nothing to do with the app. She has a Twitter account with more than 97,000 followers. Many users check this profile for information about the instant messaging service.

Recently, the site asked users about the reliability of WhatsApp betas. The questions focused on issues with downloading media and status updates on Android devices. Many responded by explaining the concerns they faced. Users especially insisted on technical issues with the camera zoom. Persistent failure confirmed by WABetaInfo.

The camera zoom issue doesn’t seem to only affect one draft version of the app. One user noticed an outage for beta versions and of WhatsApp on Android. ” I confirm: WhatsApp for Android beta version had this problem for several versions WABetaInfo’s Twitter profile responded.

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Fortunately, beta versions exist

These incidents illustrate the benefit of releasing a temporary version of the application before the final version is published. We can only imagine the uproar the situation would have caused if the instant messaging service released the updates directly to the general public.

WhatsApp may have lost a large number of users…

Remember that the platform’s terms of use are still being updated a source of controversy with users. As for the camera bug, the developers are probably already working hard to fix it.

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