Petite-Vallée Song Festival: Positive Interim Evaluation

After the event was canceled in 2020, this year the festival was presented in a specific context, that is, in a format adapted to the healthy context.

Music fans responded in droves to the call. About 6,500 festival-goers attended 56 performances presented at 1he is Until July 10. The organization set its target at 6000 spectators.

We are really happy, notes the festival’s general manager and artistic director, Alain Cote, who acknowledges that the logistics of such an event have been Big challenge.

General Director and Artistic Director of the Festival Alain Cote.

Photo: Radio Canada/Luke Manuel Soares

This is life back after a rather difficult summer without a festival.

Quote from:Alain Coté, General Director and Artistic Director of the En Chanson de Petite Valley Festival

The grand president of the famous Gaspé Festival also confirms that the upcoming festivities will take place from June 30 to July 9, 2022.

Satisfied return

Performances in front of the public seem to have done a lot of good, especially for artists, singers and musicians. They had the opportunity to perform in front of real crowds after more than a year of virtual performances.

Vincent Valier.

Vincent Valier.

Photo: Radio Canada/Luke Manuel Soares

It obviously brings back something very positive: a kind of normalcy. Although it is a new normal, it is a natural feeling that feels good. There is such a re-learning [à faire], notes singer-songwriter Vincent Vallier.

Odette Kavanagh attended the entire festival. Festival-goers assure that the artists seemed very happy to find their audience, to the delight of the attendees. Singers said it many times: It’s good to have spectators, trips, adding that she was very keen on discovering musical novelties.

For the volunteers and citizens of Petite-Vallée, the return of the festival was also greatly appreciated. Fanny Lebro explains that it’s finally possible for her To see people again, see artists and parties […] With people who are not in [sa] bubble.

Carmelle Lebreux adds that after all the services offered on Zoom, the return of live artists has been eagerly awaited. But personally, I find that there are almost too many offers. It’s because of my age. I can’t follow everythingThe lady calls before squeaking.

The return of benefits has also been beneficial to the business community. Émilie Leblanc-Laberge, co-owner of the lodge and campground, adds that the tourist clientele has been eagerly waiting in the area.

It is so good to see the fans of the songs and music descend, to see the diverse group of people descending happy to be here to enjoy the Gaspi.Entrepreneur explains.

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