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Magnificent panorama of Mars for Day 3000 from Curiosity on the Red Planet

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Yesterday, Wednesday, January 13, 2021, fell on Mars, or Mars three thousand years later (from A. Duration 24 hours 40) from Curiosity On the red planet. Ago Arriving on August 6, 2012 In Gale Crater (154 km in diameter), the Rover It previously covered more than 21 kilometers, mostly on the slopes of Mount Sharp, which began climbing in 2014.

Zoom in and out in this panoramic photo taken by Curiosity. Watch it in full screen mode. © Nasa, JPL-Caltech, MSSS

To greet 3000 Mars days to its rover, which is still in good condition, the NASA It posted a panorama consisting of about 122 images taken by the rover individually on the afternoon of November 18, 2020, through its 2,946 land. The final work is stunning, giving us a view of the crater border and the inscriptions bordering it from the north. At the far right, we recognize the Curiosity’s robotic arm, and in the background, the summit of Mount Sharp (5,500 meters high) that continues to climb.

The image has been processed so that the rocks appear as if we were looking at them underneath Light Today on Earth.

Note that the arrival of his offspring is strong Determination, Commissioned to seek Traces of ancient or current life on Mars, On February 18th. A great moment to follow Futura.

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