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Major League Baseball will postpone its season by a month

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According to the plan submitted to the Players’ Union on Friday, the season will be reduced from 162 to 154 matches.

In addition, the number of teams participating in the qualifiers will be increased to 14, the designated hitter will be used in each of the tournaments for the second season in a row and Major League Baseball will maintain the doubles rules of seven innings and runners in second place. Pillow during extra sleeves.

All players will report to camp on March 22nd, instead of February 17th, for shooters, receivers, and injured players, and February 22nd for other players.

The season opening day will be delayed for 27 days, from the current date of April 1, and the campaign will end on October 10, instead of October 3. The qualifiers will continue until November.

The sources spoke on the condition of anonymity for not announcing this. The parties haven’t discussed the proposal with each other since Major League Baseball was doing it alone.

The day before the plan was submitted, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said he would like to know on Monday, during his regular call with the owners, whether the Players Union is interested in delaying the start of Spring Camp.

The reason behind this delay is to provide time for more vaccinations and to better assess the health situation.

Seven teams from each league will conduct the qualifiers and only the team with the best record from each league will receive a first-round pass, in the form of three out of five.

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There will be a selection day during which the rising teams, in order of winning percentage, can choose their opponent in the first knockout round. The three winning duels with a pass will advance to the Divisional Series, traditionally.

While the plan states that players will be paid in full if all 154 scheduled matches are played, Manfred will have an expanded right to suspend spring camp, regular season or playoffs under certain conditions.

Each team will start with 18 scheduled days, and each team will be allowed to play a maximum of 12 double programs.

The season will be reduced to 154 games in 166 days from 162 games in 186 days. The World Championships is expected to close around November 10.

Players had previously turned down a suggestion by teams on January 5 to conduct a lengthy playoff in exchange for using the designated hitter at National.

Last season was reduced from 162 team matches to 60 and the qualifiers expanded to 16 teams. No fans were accepted during the season that started on July 23 instead of March 26.

Approximately 11,000 people attended the National Championship Series and World Series games played on neutral grounds in Arlington, Texas.

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