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Married priests? The Pope hinted that celibacy might be abolished

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Lifelong celibacy for Catholic priests is a rule that can be changed, and thus one can imagine married clergy in the Church. in conversation Published by the Argentine news portal Infobae, Pope Francis said.

“I see no contradiction in the fact that a priest can marry,” the Pope said, referring to the practice of the Eastern Catholic Churches, where celibacy is not obligatory for priests. He added, “It is a temporary prescription… It is not eternal like priestly ordination… On the other hand, celibacy is a discipline.”

When asked by a reporter if mandatory celibacy was likely to be abolished, Frantisek answered simply – yes. At the same time, the Pope noted that the abolition of celibacy for priests would not make their role easier, he said.

The celibacy institute has been the subject of recent debates, also regarding cases of sexual abuse by priests, which have weakened the prestige of the Church worldwide. Some believe that if clergy were allowed to coexist sexually, it could reduce the number of cases of abuse.

In recent days, the Pope has given several interviews to the world’s media in connection with the ten-year anniversary of the head of the Catholic Church. The seat elected him to succeed Benedict XVI on 13 March 2013.

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