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McNani denies reporters who asked questions during the briefing: ‘I do not invite activists’

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White House press secretary Kylie McNane She refused reporters who asked questions at the end of her press conference on Friday by announcing that she would not contact the “activists” before moving away from the stage.

McNani responded to questions from several reporters, but Brian Karem of Playboy shouted at them repeatedly during the briefing about questions about when President Trump would admit he lost the election.

CNN, Brian Karim, wins a legal victory, the court ordered the White House to restore the credentials

Do you understand the definition of sedition? Do you understand that he lost? Karim shouted as McNanei wrapped up. Another reporter appeared to yell with a question as well, prompting the press secretary to return to the microphone.

“I don’t invite activists,” McNani said.

“I am not an activist” was overheard a reporter say when McCannani left.

CNN’s Caitlan Collins confirmed after the briefing that it was the correspondent that angered the press secretary. “She called me an ‘activist,’ ” Collins wrote on Twitter.“ It is understandable why someone who has not done their job – receiving questions from reporters – within weeks might confuse another person doing their work with the activity. ”

Karim, who has gained notoriety for shouting at members of the Trump administration whenever possible, shared his private snapshots of this moment on Twitter.

Karim also posted a video he took of himself yelling at McEnany earlier at the press conference.

“When will you admit that you lost?” Karim shouted in the video.

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Earlier this year, Trump called Karim a “loud mouth” during a press conference about the coronavirus in the Rose Garden.

Trump said of Karim at the time, “I told them when they put this guy here, it’s just a problem.” “It’s a parade boat. If you keep talking, I’ll leave and you can go out with the rest of these people. If you keep talking, I’ll leave and you can go out with them.”

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